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US women's breast to become inflatable doll

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California 38 years old sexy stuff Bu Langdai • Bennet (Blondie Bennett) temporarily unemployed worked in the United States seeking nurturing Site "sugar daddy network (Sugar daddies)", but only in private sexy photos. Recently, Bu Langdai to make himself look more like in the photo sexy Life Size Sex Doll, she will make every effort to fight the "Dream Barbie" themselves.

The sexy stuff in order to achieve the "Barbie Dream" spare no money and cosmetic breast augmentation. According to statistics, breast augmentation surgery costs just as much as 25,000 pounds (about 253,000 yuan), and now has reached the level of his chest 32JJ Cup. Subsequently, she underwent chin liposuction surgery not only strive to outline similar, and often multiple injections of Botox, lip shaped and finished to make it look closer to sex dolls. More exaggerated, Bu Langdai once a week to undergo hypnosis, trying to make myself believe that she is subtly Barbie.

Bulang Dai said, "At present, I have accepted the 20-hypnosis. It really works, and sometimes I feel really feel dizzy and confused." She adds, "In fact, she had a habit of Japanese Love Doll, even though I hate my friends are dressed up, but I've decided to fight the reality of their own version of 'Dream Barbie'. Now I finally put into practice.

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