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" Inflatable doll " was hung in a tree supplies the street hawki

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Naked sexy inflatable doll , male and female genitalia exaggerated prominent exposure unsightly sex scenes , sex shops have these things , recently hawking on the sidewalk market in Nanning Wuyi Road pale beside the village , attracted public criticisms.

February 20 at noon , the reporter came to the scene then rebellion . Market on the sidewalk next to the bus station a short village , a stall particularly noticeable because of a life-size inflatable doll hanging on a tree in the stall next to the green . Silicone dolls produced in accordance with a young woman 's body , his chest was made ​​very exaggerated outstanding. Especially the lower body of the genitals , it is distorted , exaggerated , the whole being tall inflatable doll hanging on the branches , it is very eye-catching .

The flea market , but also hawking some male genitalia model , a substantial sex scenes , all exposed directly to some of the product box . Stall is an old man, he from time to time people how to use life sized doll, attracted onlookers bouts of laughter. Because next to the bus station , where crowded , people will notice this after the inflatable doll . After the young girl ran to see Minzui smile when a child is curious onlookers away Mama, more people see things spread on the rear , shook their heads , said " eyesores ."

It is next to the facade of the dealers said the stall occurs about a week, and every time the old man to regard the inflatable dolls hanging in a tree. They feel that these things should be in a sex shop hawking , street hawking these things not appropriate , " immoral ." Reporters and stall the old man talk , he said he fearless , so here hawking . "I'm here to sell cheap .

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